Bell ringing 

SMB: Bell Ringing

There are six bells that make up the peal of St. Mary's church. The five largest bells are the first ever peal cast by Robert Taylor of St. Neots, first of the Taylor Bell Founders in 1786.  In 1887 they were rehung by their predecessors at Loughborough where the foundry still remains.  In 1900 Taylor’s returned to add a smaller, treble bell.

In 2014 Bletsoe received a much welcomed Heritage Lottery Grant to restore the bells, clean and restore the bell frame and make the ringing chamber a more welcoming place. The progress of the project led by a project group can be found on the Bletsoe Church bells website.

The end of August 2015 saw the successful completion of our project apart from the outreach programme. Confirmation has been received from the Heritage Lottery congratulating us on achieving our aims. Our thanks go to all those who made this possible.

The Ringing For England website features a small article about Bletsoe Bells by Libby Alexander. Click on “About Us” and enter Bletsoe in the search box to access the article.

We would love to hear from anyone who is interested in learning or if you are already experienced in ringing handbells or church bells, you will be more than welcome to join us and pass on your knowledge.

Practice nights are on Thursday 7.30 to 9.00pm, listen out for the bells!